Professional Kitchen Remodeling Plantation, FL“Cooking is like love- it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” – Harriet Van Horne

Cooking is a creative act, one that’s often done for or with those that you love. Kitchens are centerpieces of any home, big and small. Your family, visitors and closest loved ones all wind up gathering in the kitchen. But, is your kitchen a space that’s encouraging love and good food? Maybe it’s time to transform things with kitchen remodeling in Plantation. At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation, we’re transforming homes one kitchen at a time. Wondering if it’s time for a kitchen overhaul? Maybe you’re wondering, do I need a professional for kitchen remodeling? We’ve compiled the top 5 signs it’s time to treat your home, your family and yourself to a great new kitchen:

  1. Your cabinets are falling apart. Kitchen cabinets take some serious wear and tear. As these cabinets age, they start to lose their shape and their beauty. Once stylish cabinets can become almost completely useless, and they can make cooking a total frustration. Don’t put up with cabinets that are destroying your kitchen, we can help.
  2. Your countertops have faded. Older kitchens in Plantation are often made from countertop materials that have fallen out of fashion. Even today’s solid surface countertops are far sturdier than models from years past. If your countertops are cracked, stained, chipped or faded, it’s time for an upgrade.
  3. There’s just not enough space. A cramped kitchen isn’t a great space to cook in. Maybe your family grew faster than your kitchen, or your kitchen was never actually the right size in the first place. Whatever the situation, a new kitchen from our team at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation can help improve your space utilization.
  4. The floorplan isn’t right. Are you frustrated with the floorplan of your kitchen? Whether your appliances are too far apart or too close together, or if you’re in need of a kitchen island, our team at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation can reinvigorate your kitchen designs with a new floorplan.
  5. You’re planning on selling soon. Everyone knows that a new kitchen and bathroom can work wonders when it comes time to sell a home. A simpler kitchen remodel can help increase your home’s equity and even the asking price for better results at sale. If you’re selling your home within the next few years, a kitchen remodel may be a great idea.

There are many different reasons for seeking out professional kitchen remodeling in Plantation. At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation, we know that no matter your reason, it’s important to work with a professional for the best possible designs. Whether you’re remodeling for the above reasons or you’re just looking for something new, we’re here to put the best and most affordable kitchen into your home. For your custom kitchen design options, call (954) 666-7588.