Bathroom Cabinetry in Pembroke Pines, FLThe holidays are upon us, and homes all throughout South Florida are filling up with family, friends and loved ones from all stretches of the globe. But, is your home ready for all those visitors? At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath, we’re transforming homes with new kitchen designs and bathroom cabinetry in Pembroke Pines. While we’re happy to create the space of your dreams with remodeling, you may need to improve your home quickly with the some fast solutions for your guests. If you’re opening your home to visitors, make sure your gest bathroom is ready to give a warm welcome. Here are our top tips for improving vanities for bathrooms in Pembroke Pines just in time for the holidays:

  • Make sure things are clean. Even if you’re looking to remodel your bathroom in the upcoming year, it’s important to make sure your current bathroom is the best it can be. Make sure you’re providing your guests with a spotless bathroom that’s free from mold, stains and other unwelcoming sights.
  • Make small switches. A new toilet seat, shower curtains or hand towels can help improve even the oldest of bathrooms. So, if you’ve got guests visiting, make sure your bathroom has a clean shower curtain and consider installing a new toilet seat so your visitors feel comfortable.
  • Make sure it smells good. A can of air freshener may seem considerate, but your guests deserve a little more elegance. Consider putting together a collection of scented candles, helping bring relaxing scents into the guest bath.
  • Think ahead. Part of helping your guests feel welcome involves making sure that guests aren’t inconvenienced. Make sure that your guest bath has a plunger, toilet brush and all the necessary feminine products to ensure guests have what they need without needing to ask awkward questions.
  • Create a welcome kit. Whether you put together a basket, bowl or bag, putting together important toiletries and luxe items can make any guest feel at home. Bath bombs, loofahs, soft towels and special cosmetics can help your guests make themselves at home.

These are just a few of the ways you can help create a guest bathroom that’s welcoming for those out of town guests. Best of all, these guest bathroom tips don’t require big budgets or major changes. When you are ready to transform your guest bath into a beautiful space, we can transform your bathroom designs and bathroom cabinetry in Pembroke Pines. Call (954) 443-0330 to get started.

Prepping Bathroom Cabinetry in Pembroke Pines for Visitors