While you may not have realized, there are many benefits a vanity can bring into bathrooms. In fact, they are the staple of the whole space. When we are adding a vanity in your bathroom, we will share the essential components of the perfect vanity that will bring bathroom all together. Fresh Floor, Kitchen, & Bath is here to provide vanities for bathrooms in Plantation. One of the firsts benefits includes, a faster morning routine, continue reading to learn more!

  • Getting ready is easier with a vanity in your bathroom. Think about it, when you are getting ready for your day or a special event, where do you do it? Normally the answer will include the bathroom. If you did not have the mirrors, counter space, or sinks, it would be a challenge to complete your morning routine. Applying make-up, doing your hair, washing your face, and brushing your teeth would be impossible without the right vanity. Depending on the need, you can adjust your vanity to meet your standards with different sizes and added accessories.
  • Keeping an organized bathroom comes easy with a vanity. The added counter space of a vanity allows you to keep your personal care products nearby. This is convenient and keeps everything organized if there is enough counter space. With a spacious counter top your bathroom will look more functional and attractive to your guests.
  • Added storage space in a vanity creates a functional bathroom. With cabinets, drawers, shelves, and additional hidden storage compartments all your bathroom supplies will be able to be kept organized and easily accessible. This is useful to many homeowners because all their items will have their own designated place.
  • Renovated vanities are often modern in appearance. When you want your bathroom to keep a popular style, a modern vanity is great for improving the overall appearance of your bathroom. Not to mention, it is also easy to mix and match fixtures with a stylish vanity.

If you are interested in finding the best vanities for bathrooms in Plantation, we have many options in sizes and styles that will meet your needs. Give us a call at (954) 666-7588 to hear more about the products and services we offer. Our designers can easily lead you to the right vanity based on your needs.