When most people look into designing a beautiful bathroom, they focus on the tub, the toilet and the vanities. This may be why many homeowners haven’t discovered the stylistic benefits of frameless shower enclosures. If you had trouble parting from your outdated bathroom designs, you probably haven’t kept up with modern bathroom looks. More and more homes are upgrading their showers with a frameless shower enclosure in Pembroke Pines. These enclosures are solid sheets of glass that enclose your standing shower without the look of bulky metal frames that can drag down your bathroom’s design. Wondering if frameless shower enclosures are right for your home? Our designers at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath can help you put together your perfect bathroom redesign. Frameless Shower Enclosure Pembroke Pines

Before we explain the different design enhancements that can be offered by frameless shower doors, we want to illustrate the safety of these doors. Some homeowners are hesitant to switch to a frameless shower enclosure in Pembroke Pines due to fear over the structural integrity of these styles. At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath, we only install the safest and sturdiest frameless shower enclosures. Frameless shower enclosures and doors are created with tempered and polished safety glass that is far thicker than the glass that would be used for framed options. The thicker glass creates an incredibly safe enclosure that looks perfect around corner showers and wall-length showers alike.

Frameless shower doors are becoming the gold standard in quality bathroom design, and for great reasons. These doors are beautiful yet seamless at the same exact time, creating a modern look that allows the rest of your bathroom’s designs to shine. For example, if you choose wonderful tiling patterns, a stunning shower head or unique patterns for your shower designs, a frameless shower enclosure can let your shower’s interior beauty shine through to the rest of your bathroom.

If you’re considering upgrading your bathroom, a frameless shower enclosure can bring effortless style into your space. For the highest quality frameless shower enclosures in Pembroke Pines, we invite you to consult with our team at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath. A bathroom remodeling contractor in Pembroke Pines from our company can help create the bathroom of your dreams, complete with details such as flawless fixtures, patterns and frameless enclosures. Visit our bathroom design gallery for bathroom remodeling inspiration. You can also stop by our Pembroke Pines showroom, located at 1645 North Hiatus Road, to see our shower design options in person.