Vanities for Bathrooms Plantation, FL Think about the beautiful bathroom designs you see all over Pinterest and in home magazines. Besides the tub, what really sets the style of a bathroom space? At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation, we know that the secret to a great bathroom design is simpler than you’d think. Choosing the perfect bathroom vanity can make all the difference in the success of your bathroom remodeling or improvement project. But, finding and installing the perfect vanities for bathrooms in Plantation can be challenging if you don’t put the right team of designers, installers and bathroom remodelers on your side. If you’re looking for the perfect bathroom vanity, you can count on our bathroom remodeling specialists at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation.

If there’s one thing to replace in your bathroom, it’s the vanity. A new bathroom vanity serves multiple functions, it can redefine your entire bathroom’s style, and it can make your mornings easier with seamless organizational tools. At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation, we work with bathroom vanities of all shapes, sizes and budgets. For a recent bathroom remolding project, we installed a bath vanity that incorporated stunning wood textures with a floating look that expanded the bathroom’s perceptual space. We also loved the vanity’s special wave shape, which helped bring visual appeal to the small bathroom. Additionally, we chose this vanity’s unique shape because it made the small bathroom feel larger. Does your home have a smaller bathroom? What about a strange floorplan that requires unique vanity solutions? Our experienced bathroom remodelers in Plantation can help you choose the perfect bathroom vanity, and we’ll expertly install your new vanity as well!

There are many ways to tell that it’s about time to replace your existing bath vanities, but spotting these signs can be hard when you’re in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Take a moment and consider these questions about your existing bathroom vanities:

  • Is your vanity falling apart?
  • Does your vanity seem to hold less and less?
  • Are you having trouble using your bathroom sink?
  • Does your vanity get in the way?
  • Is your vanity’s countertop filled with junk?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to upgrade to a new bathroom vanity! At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath Plantation, we can help you remodel your entire bathroom, or complete a simple new vanity installation. Don’t let an ugly, broken or outdated vanity keep dragging your bathroom’s design and functionality down. Call us at (954) 666-7588 to discover your options for brand new bathroom vanities!