As the holiday season moves along, you may start noticing your current kitchen’s shortcomings. After all, you want a kitchen that can handle all the holiday meal prep, cooking and cleaning you need to do. If your current kitchen is cramped, dingy or simply not up to the challenge of your holiday needs, it’s time to see how our team at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath can help. Our dedicated kitchen remodelers in Pembroke Pines can transform your kitchen into the perfect space for holiday and year-round entertaining and use. You may be asking yourself- how much does it cost to remodel my kitchen? Well at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath, we offer truly affordable kitchen remodels with quality service. The overall cost of your kitchen remodeling project will depend on your kitchen’s size, along with the scope of the transformations you want to make.

Of course, you might want some quick fixes to get your kitchen ready for the holidays now. Our kitchen remodelers in Pembroke Pines have several different tips for speedy holiday kitchen touch ups. We recommend cleaning the fridge of old food and replacing what’s tossed. We also suggest de-cluttering countertops by either disposing of unwanted appliances, or putting unused appliances in storage during holiday cooking and meal prep. For more tips on kitchen remodeling, give our team a call at (954) 443-0330!