Before you start any major home remodeling project you should consult a general contractor. But you don’t want just anyone handling your work; you want to make sure you find someone reputable. Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath suggests you do your homework when hiring someone to take on such a big undertaking. If you want to know how to find a general contractor in Plantation, FL,  just take look at the steps below. You can also give us a call at (954) 666-7588 for more assistance.General Contractor Plantation, FL

Personal Referrals
Word of mouth travels fast, and it is often the best way to get a sincere opinion on a topic. Getting a personal referral for a contractor could be the way to go because your friends, family, co-workers are going to give an unfiltered opinion of the services they used. They are under no obligation to paint their reviews any other way than they have seen or experienced.

Advantages of personal referrals:

Referring a friend or family member may have already found the best contractor in the area

Their opinion of the contractor’s service is trustworthy and unbiased

You can view the quality of the work

Disadvantages of personal referrals:

They may not have had the same work done that you need

The person doing the referring may be working with a different budget than you

The style of their house may not be the same

Online Referrals

Online referrals are also a good source when you want to know how to find a general contractor in Plantation.
Advantages of online referral services:

You will receive multiple bids, which allows them to get the best rate on the work.

You only have to post their project requirements once and answer questions one time, which saves time.

You may be able to find additional online resources, such as financing and informational articles.

Disadvantages of online referral services:

The online referral service may not have a contractor, in their network, close to you.

No direct referrals from trusted friends or family members to rely upon.

You can always do more research when trying to find a general contractor in Plantation, FL. For example, different hardware stores and fix-it places can probably give you a few leads on contractors they are familiar with. However you find your contractor, Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath will be happy to tackle the physical part of the project. Give us a call today at (954) 666-7588 or stop by our location 10089 Cleary Boulevard; Plantation, FL 33324. We look forward to hearing from you, soon!