Often times, the bathroom isn’t the first room you think to remodel when considering changes in your home. But having a fresh, new bathroom can look great and a bathroom remodeling contractor can help design the perfect bathroom for your home. You may not think you have a ton of options when remodeling your bathroom, but in fact that’s not the case. Our professional contractors can provide you with a variety of different options to spice up the look in your bathroom. If you’re considering a remodeling project in your bathroom, contact our team of professionals at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath today.

Whether you just want a new sink fixture or want to completely remodel your entire bathroom, you have many different options. At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath we do a variety of different installation and remodeling for all types of bathrooms. If you’re ready to get rid of your bulky shower/bath combo maybe instead you’d like to install a new stylish frameless shower enclosure. Frameless shower enclosures are made from thick cut glass and are not only extremely strong and durable, they’ll bring a new modern look to your bathroom.

Adding a new shower isn’t the only way in which you can add value and beauty to your bathroom. In addition to a new shower option, you can also redesign or add a new vanity, toilet, sink/faucet combination, or new cabinetry. Having enough space for bathroom essentials is important, and adding new cabinetry can create the extra space you may be lacking. At Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath we offer a variety of different looks and styles and we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Getting started on your new bathroom is as easy as calling Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath. We can help you get started on your next remodeling project and create the perfect bathroom to suite all of your needs. You can also browse our selection online to see some of the projects we’ve done in the past and maybe get a better idea of how you want your new bathroom to look. Call Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath today to explore your options and pick the perfect new bathroom fixtures for your home.