How can we offer a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on shower areas when other competitors only offer a 1 year warranty?

Because our company is a certified Schluter® provider!

This Certification included an in-depth training. So, now here at Fresh Remodel we know the many capabilities of their products and how to properly install them.

Schluter® Products provide peace of mind because they use:

Waterproofing membranes which provide protection against all area subject to moisture:

  • Behind Your Shower Walls & Bases
  • Specialty Pieces for All the Hard-to-Protect Areas, Such As Inside & Outside Corners & Curbs
  • Pipe Protrusions

KERDI and KERDI-DS are pliable, sheet-applied, bonded waterproof membranes and vapor retarders with limited crack-bridging capabilities.

Accessories Made Out Of Kerdi, Include:

  • Waterproofing Strips
  • Seamless Corners
  • Pipe & Mixing Valve Seals

These all help complete the waterproofing process to ensure that your entire shower or bath is well protected against mold and mildew

Please Click Button Below For Full 10 Year Shower Area Tiled Wall Warranty:

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