When updating your bathroom, you may have thought about what factors match your tastes the best. Frameless shower enclosures in Plantation, FL have many different benefits that can add an elegant element to your bathroom. As people renovate their bathrooms, many look for the spa features and amenities to reach a calming impression. With a relaxing and flowing space, your bathroom will look and feel larger with effortless style.

Frameless shower enclosures are customizable so you aren’t limited to a standard size that may not fit your bathroom. By allowing flexibility in your bathroom choice, frameless shower enclosures look more natural in your bathroom as opposed to other options that aren’t made for your bathroom in Plantation, FL. The innovative options you have with a frameless shower enclosure, your bathroom will have a unique appearance compared to others.

The clear glass of a frameless shower enclosure looks better than framed shower doors. With no rubber or metal surrounding the door, your shower will have a seamless, neat, and clean look. When entering a bathroom, many want to see something sanitary and fresh. With glass doors, there is nothing to hide from your guests, better yet your frameless shower enclosure in Plantation, FL will help you put your bathroom on showcase.

With all the humidity in Plantation, FL, your bathroom is easily susceptible to mold risks. A frameless shower enclosure reduces the opportunities for mold to grow in your shower because there aren’t many places water can collect. There is no rubber or metal frames where mold and mildew can hide and because the surface is flat, there are no crevices. Keeping your bathroom clean will never be a chore with frameless shower enclosures in Plantation, FL.

It is a speculation that frameless shower enclosures can shatter, but most doors are made with tempered glass to protect you from any major cuts if it did happen to break. While this is very rare that an enclosure might shatter, you have nothing to worry about if you get your frameless shower enclosure installed by our professionals at Fresh Floor Kitchen & Bath. Contact us at (954) 666-7588 for more information about frameless shower enclosures in Plantation, FL.