What Else To Consider:

  • Double oven and cooktop installation
  • Knob and handles
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Missing tile for new kitchen layout
  • Permitting And Architecture Drawing

Other Things to consider:

  • Especial shower plumbing fixtures (rain can, jets, and handheld shower)
  • Wall lighting fixtures
  • Permitting and architecture drawing
  • Note: This estimate is based on porcelain tile

Other Things to consider:

  • Moving Furniture and wall units
  • Doors to be cut after new floor
  • Transition moldings
  • Sound proofing Subfloor
  • Delivery
  • City permits

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How can we offer a 10 YEAR WARRANTY on leak & mold for shower areas when others only offer a 1 year? We will provide a waterproofing process to ensure that your entire shower or bath is well protected.